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RSVP-Scheduling and Reporting

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Retail Service Verification Program or  R S V P.

RSVP enables your Field service Managers and their Field service reps, to communicate Completed service calls in real-time.  

This includes before and after pictures with comments and call-outs. 

RSVP authenticates all photos submitted by reading the EXIF properties. 

These properties show the date and time the picture was taken,  along with GPS information,  linking to Google Maps. 

RSVP Drive: 
Allows you to share all the documents that your field reps need to perform their tasks. 

For example,  
Your field service reps can access your company Training Videos and Service Directives.  

RSVP Recap Reporting:
All RSVP reports are viewable on screen and may be downloaded to Excel or Google Sheets.


RSVP Browser Requirement:
RSVP is designed to work with Google Chrome desktop or Google Chrome mobile.


RSVP easily will integrate with your current back-office systems.  
We will also work with your IT staff,   to design interfaces for your customized applications.  


If you require your field service reps to provide service call results with pictures,

or transmit orders to your fulfillment center,   the solution.  is RSVP. 

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